Jul. 30, 2012

Top Rose: http://vintage-aerith.tumblr.com/

Dave: http://derpderpmotherfuckers.tumblr.com/

Condesce: http://my-life-is-strange.tumblr.com/

Second picture Dirk and Roxy: http://buttsthecat.tumblr.com/ & http://kingtomcat.tumblr.com/

Dirk in bottom pictures: http://irish-matryoshka.tumblr.com/

If you know any of these people, or are these people, let me know! I’ll tag them or take them down if they don’t want them up here.

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    oooh there’s colton and I with tree and kiev!!
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    the two Daves on the right of the second picture are findingmeenah and fucktonoftrees!
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    Yup! That’s me!
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    I spy a shannen as dirk in the fourth and fifth photos~!
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    the Dave is derpderpmotherfuckers and the Condesce is my-life-is-strange!
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    Top photo, the Rose is vintage-aerith. She should be able to tag the others for the photo if she sees this.
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